We go further to bring you the very best the ocean has to offer.

Cooke Scotland produces the finest Scottish salmon, renowned for its beautifully firm texture and distinctive full flavour.

We specialise in providing premium fresh whole fish and fillets across three product certification lines – organic, Label Rouge and superior.


All our salmon are processed locally at our BRCGS AA-rated packing stations in Orkney and Shetland. 

The immediacy from harvest to processing enables us to supply fresh, never frozen, salmon to customers in more than 16 countries worldwide, as well as UK-based artisan smokehouses and retailers.


Our salmon are farm-raised with care in Orkney and Shetland in the far north of Scotland: cold, fast-flowing seawater from north Atlantic ocean provide the perfect conditions for our salmon to become firm and muscular.

Chefs rave about our rich, fresh, flavoursome salmon, which is versatile and ideally suited to just about any cooking technique – steamed, smoked, grilled, poached or baked in the oven.


Looking for inspiration? Check out our Seafood School for tips and recipes to take your salmon dishes to the next level.

Our salmon is low in calories and packed with omega 3 which is proven to promote healthy heart and brain development, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and a range of other health benefits.

We control every step of the way from egg to plate, allowing for full traceability of our salmon right back to the broodstock’s broodstock meaning customers can have complete confidence in the provenance of our product.

Soil Association Organic


For more than a decade we have been the largest producer of premium organic Scottish salmon, noted for its rich flavour and large flakes.

All our organic salmon is farm-raised exclusively in Orkney and certified at every stage by the Soil Association, the UK’s largest organic certification body.

Find out more at www.soilassociation.org.

Label Rouge logo

Label Rouge

We are one of the largest producers of Label Rouge-certified salmon – one of the most prestigious global food standard labels.

Signifying high standards of fish welfare and guaranteed taste and quality, the strict requirements of Label Rouge are independently monitored and overseen by the French Government.

Find out more at www.saumonecossais.com.

RSPCA Assured certification mark


Healthy, tasty and farm-raised in Orkney and Shetland, our superior Scottish salmon is one of our top selling lines.

We ensure an extremely low density of fish per cage, and all our superior salmon are accredited by RSPCA Assured, which ensures high standards of farm animal welfare.

Find out more at RSPCA Assured.

BRCGS Food Safety Certificated Logo


The BRC Global Standard is a globally-recognised food safety certification scheme. BRCGS meets the Global Food Safety Initiative benchmark, which many of the world's biggest retailers look for.

Our processing operations in Orkney and Shetland hold the highest BRCGS AA rating, meaning our customers can have total confidence in the quality and safety of our salmon.

Find out more at www.brcgs.com.