The further north you go, the closer you get to perfection.

Two ribs travelling at speed in Shetland


The on-growing phase is the most important phase of the salmon’s lifecycle, and the part that gives it its characteristic rich taste.

We have more than 40 seawater sites located in Orkney and Shetland – island groupings in the far north of Scotland.

We harvest and process all our own salmon at our BRCGS AA-rated packing stations in Orkney and Shetland, ensuring we process our fish as quickly as possible to ensure a consistently high-quality product.



Orkney’s provenance for craft food and drink (beef, crab, lobster and salmon, of course) is second to none.

Orkney is an archipelago with 570 miles of pristine coastline and 70 islands first inhabited more than 6,000 years ago. The fast-moving waters off Orkney are the perfect place to grow exceptional Scottish salmon and it is where we exclusively farm-raise our Orkney organic salmon.

Our salmon operations are grouped around the north isles of Westray and Stronsay, Kirkwall (Orkney’s largest town) and the beautiful and historic Scapa Flow.



Shetland’s remote, rugged coastline stretches for more than 1,700 miles around 115 islands.

The northernmost part of Scotland shares the same high latitudes as Greenland and northern Canada.

No wonder, then, that Shetland has a reputation for exceptional seafood including farm-raised salmon and mussels and wild-caught fish.

Shetland is our most productive region and in turn aquaculture is Shetland’s largest private sector industry, accounting for 20% of the economy and 5% of all jobs.

We have seawater sites off the east coast of the islands of Yell and Unst, and off the west coast of mainland Shetland. We also operate several freshwater sites in Unst.



We take the utmost care to select the best performing salmon ova from trusted suppliers and nurture our juvenile salmon in state-of-the-art freshwater facilities and remote freshwater lochs until they are ready to go to sea.

The majority of our freshwater sites are located on the UK mainland in Argyll, Cumbria, Clackmannanshire and the Scottish Highlands.


Northeast Nutrition Scotland in Invergordon in the Scottish Highlands supplies quality feed to Cooke Scotland’s freshwater and seawater sites.

The mill has a production capacity of 100,000 tonnes per annum and holds Label Rouge and Soil Association Organic accreditations, as well as Veterinary Medicines Directorate licences to manufacture medicated feed to veterinarian prescription.

The company uses Marine Stewardship Council and MarinTrust sustainably-sourced marine products signalling that they come from healthy, sustainable fisheries that are recognised as some of the best managed in the world.
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Business Support

Scotland’s largest city – Glasgow – is home to our corporate office and our dedicated sales and supply chain teams, shipping the finest Scottish salmon to more than 15 countries in Europe, north America and the rest of the world.

We also have a business support satellite facility at Warwick Bridge in Cumbria and business support colleagues located throughout Scotland.