Cooke Aquaculture Scotland partners with Joii / Nesi to supply Yo! Sushi with fresh salmon

Cooke Aquaculture Scotland is pleased to announce its partnership with joii sushi & New England Seafood International (NESI) to supply Yo! Sushi restaurants in the UK with fresh farmed salmon from Scotland.

Salmon from the Northernmost seawater farms in Scotland will be prepared by Joii Sushi Ltd, in Surrey. Joii Sushi Ltd is a JV subsidiary of NESI, which specializes in serving the finest fish to be eaten raw and other sushi ingredients.

“Yo! Customers all around the UK will benefit from the firm, muscular salmon that is grown in the strong tidal waters of Shetland,” commented Laura Mailer, Head of Sales for Cooke Aquaculture Scotland.

“YO! is renowned for the freshness and the flavor of their products. This is a great recognition for Cooke Aquaculture Scotland to have its salmon selected by this discerning customer,” added Colin Blair, the company’s Managing Director.