Cooke Scotland and Northeast Nutrition Scotland Sponsor 2023 Invergordon Golf Club Gents Open

Cooke Scotland and Northeast Nutrition Scotland (NNS) proudly sponsored the 2023 Invergordon Golf Club Gents Open.

Cooke’s own in-house feed division – Northeast Nutrition Scotland – is located at Invergordon Feed Mill which is a major employer in the town in the Scottish Highlands.

The company is deeply committed to the communities we call home and was delighted to support Invergordon Golf Club through the Cooke Community Benefit Fund.

The funding from Cooke and NNS to sponsor the Gents Open on 30 July 2023 will support club running costs, prizes and ensures young golfers (under 17s) can continue to develop thanks to free membership. The long-established sport in the area also helps support physical and mental well-being by encouraging fitness outdoors.

Chris Bryden, General Manager at Northeast Nutrition Scotland, said: “The Invergordon Mill is an important employer in the area and we recognise our responsibility to be engaged with the community.

“There has always been a strong connection between the site and Invergordon Golf Club. We will typically use the clubhouse for offsite meetings and barbecues and over the years we have sponsored a variety of tournaments, including a long-standing tradition of supporting the younger golfers.

“We look forward to continuing to find ways of supporting the local golf club for the role it plays to the town and the local community.”

The competition saw 72 players enter for what was an exciting contest and the course was looking and playing beautifully. Congratulations to winners Steve Buchan, Iain Mccall and Alex Turner.

Ally Bryce, Captain of Invergordon Golf Club, said, ”Firstly I would like to thank Cooke Scotland and Northeast Nutrition for sponsoring our Gents Open.

“Sponsorship is important to the club as it allows us to provide everything required to host a memorable event including prizes, with our course getting exposure to golfers from all around. It gives us the opportunity to showcase not only the course but the friendliness and welcoming atmosphere of Invergordon Golf Club.

“As a small not for profit organisation it also gives us the opportunity to increase revenues on the day which in turn allows us to invest in the course and facilities.”

As one of the leading producers of Scottish salmon, and the largest producer of organic Scottish salmon, Cooke made the decision to take more control over its feed and established its own in-house feed division at Invergordon in 2019.

Cooke is constantly researching and developing its feed to meet the nutritional needs of its fish and ensure that its salmon stay healthy, grow efficiently and thrive in the marine environment.

The feed mill is already one of Scotland’s largest fish feed manufacturers.

Cooke supports a variety of local-led events, activities, and community projects that reflect our corporate values as well as those of our teams.

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