Cooke Supports Shetland Basketball Dream

A community in the West of Shetland has thanked Cooke Scotland for its support of £3,000 to improve its sports facilities.

The Cooke Community Benefit Fund paid for the purchase and installation of a full-size all-weather outdoor basketball stand at Sandness Primary School.

As the nearest large sports facility to Sandness is a 20-minute drive away in Aith, the school grounds provide an important, easy-to-access, hub for the wider community which doubles as a local play area and sports facility.

Sorley Johnston, Principal Teacher at Sandness Primary, believes the full-height weather-proof stand on the level ground of the multicourt will benefit all ages.

Mr Johnston said: “Thanks to sponsorship from Cooke Scotland this dream has come true.

“Older primary pupils can use the new stand, leaving the lower one free for younger children.

“It was part of the Physical Education curriculum last winter and we now have five current and former pupils attending a local group.

“The school playground is the only one in Sandness and so this forms part of a bigger community effort to enhance what is on offer in terms of sport and leisure in Sandness.

“The Sandness school community would like to give a hearty thanks to Cooke Aquaculture for their help and support.”

Cooke is committed to bringing collective successes and positive change in the coastal and rural communities in which we live and work.

We are delighted to support a variety of local-led events, activities, and community projects. Our core purpose is to cultivate the ocean with care, nourish the world, provide for our families, and build stronger communities.

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