Cooke Scotland Supports Unst Boating Club Renovation

Cooke Scotland is proud to have made a donation towards the renovation of the Unst Boating Club to provide long term benefits to the Shetland isles community.

The upgrade to the clubhouse at Baltasound Pier will improve accessibility and sustainability of the building to support a wider range of community uses to encourage enhanced and continued participation in marine-based activities and sports.

Cooke’s Community Benefit Fund contribution to the £290,000 total cost of the project enabled club members to pursue the improvements to the kitchen areas, toilet and shower facilities, with the addition of a laundry area. Installation of solar panels to the clubhouse roof will reduce energy costs, while upgrades were also made to the car park and the exterior of the facility.

Penny Thomson, Treasurer of the Unst Boating Club, said: “Cooke Scotland’s donation contributed greatly to the club reaching its funding target, thereby enabling the entire project to proceed. The clubhouse has been well used during the last 40 years by sailing and other water sports groups, visiting yachts and as a venue for regattas and other events such as Unst Fest – it has a strong community focus.

“Visitors from cruise ships, yachts and campers appreciate the facilities too, which should encourage more to come and stay longer, with benefits for the local businesses and community organisations they visit. The clubhouse is once again an asset for Unst which we can be proud of.”

As a leading Scottish salmon producer and one of the largest employers in Shetland, Cooke Scotland takes great pride in supporting the communities in the areas where it operates and is proud to aid a variety of local-led events, activities, and community projects through the Cooke Community Benefit Fund.


Katrine Johnson, Cooke Scotland Office Manager in Unst, Shetland, and member of the Cooke Sponsorship Committee, said: “As a family-owned company we care about strengthening our coastal communities. Our staff belong to these communities, and we are committed to helping maintain them as great places to live, grow up and work.

“We are pleased our Cooke Community Benefit Fund donation proved pivotal in helping Unst Boating Club secure the remaining funding needed to progress with the upgrading of its facilities. Cooke Scotland is proud to have played a part in improving the accessibility and sustainability of the boating club which will continue to provide a wide range of benefits for the community and visitors for many more years.”

The community came together to mark the opening of the clubhouse at a special event held on 22 June 2024. The historic “Far Haaf”, the replica sixareen vessel, was brought over from Unst Boat Haven for the opening where Cooke provided funding for lifejackets. The support towards the sixareen promotes an interest in maritime activities and will enable younger generations to experience sailing aboard a sixareen vessel -part of Shetland’s famous fishing history.

Cooke’s core purpose is ‘To cultivate the ocean with care, nourish the world, provide for our families, and build stronger communities’.