Cooke Scotland Laptop Donation Enhances School Pupils’ Learning

An Orkney island school has thanked Cooke Scotland for its continued support and the donation of laptops to enhance pupils’ learning and digital skills.

Cooke Scotland purchased additional devices for Stronsay Junior High School after supporting the school to roll out its first set of laptops in 2021.

The support through the Cooke Community Benefit Fund ensured every secondary school student had access to their own laptop which has been greatly valued by pupils, staff and parents.

Dr Petra McLay, Head Teacher at Stronsay Junior High School said: “We are so grateful for the support we have received from Cooke Scotland in securing funding for three new laptops.

“Pupils are delighted to have access to digital technology at school which helps them not only with their school work, but it also helps us as teachers.

“Digital technology is connecting our pupils on Stronsay with the world and they are learning about opportunities and challenges beyond the island.”

On behalf of the Community Benefit Fund Sponsorship Committee, Murray Spooner, Communications Manager at Cooke Scotland, said: “We are delighted to hear the laptops have significantly enhanced the student’s learning experience as well as raising attainment across a range of subjects. It was with great pleasure that Cooke could support this again by purchasing more laptops for the students to benefit from.

“Here at Cooke, we are deeply committed to the communities we work and live in and it is important to us we contribute to the social network and economic health of the coastal and rural communities around us.

“We welcome applications to our Cooke Community Benefit Fund which bring positive change in those areas where we operate.”