Cooke Funding Enables Shetland Public Toilets to Re-open

Cooke Scotland has donated funds to enable the refurbishment and re-opening of the Aith public toilets in Shetland.

The facility, located next to the marina, is run by Aith Community Association SCIO and has been closed since August 2022 due to a lack of funding. However, support of £3,000 via the Cooke Community Benefit Fund has allowed the community group to provide the amenity to residents and visitors to the village once more.

Victor Gray, Chairperson for the Aith Community Association SCIO, said: “We would like to thank Cooke Scotland for all their support towards helping us to get the public toilets reopened for all to use. Cooke has been fantastic to work with on this project, we value their focus on local community development.”

Keith Leslie, Site Manager at Cooke Scotland’s Hoganess Shorebase, met with Mr Gray to see how the funding has helped to improve the facilities and its importance to the village community.

Mr Leslie said: “As a family-owned company we care about supporting the communities we live and operate in. Cooke Scotland’s Community Benefit Fund exists to support a variety of local-led events, activities, and community projects throughout the United Kingdom. We are delighted the Aith Community Association SCIO will be able to provide access to free public toilets again for visitors and residents of Aith. It is a busy village with a lot of attractions in the area so having these facilities reopened will be of great benefit to the community.”

As one of the leading producers of Scottish salmon, and the largest producer of organic Scottish salmon, we take great pride in working hard to generate shared prosperity in the communities we live and operate in.

Cooke’s core purpose is ‘To cultivate the ocean with care, nourish the world, provide for our families, and build stronger communities’.

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