Cooke Scotland Sponsors Shinty Club

Cooke Scotland is delighted to announce the sponsorship of Col-Glen Shinty Club.

The funding will ensure the sports club continues to be a sustainable part of the community and, following the team’s success of promotion in the senior leagues, funding will subsidise travel expenses for matches taking place around Scotland in 2024.

Support via the Cooke Community Benefit Fund will also see improvements made to the facilities at Col-Glen’s home ground at Glendaruel, Argyll and Bute, based near our Ardtaraig freshwater hatchery.

Club Chairman, Neil Black, said: “Col-Glen Shinty Club is incredibly grateful to Cooke Scotland for the fantastic support we have received this season.

“This funding has enabled the club to buy new strips for the team, improve our playing facilities by helping to fund a new fence surrounding the pitch which benefits us, as well as other users of the pitch in the community, including our local primary school. This has also enabled us to hire two minibuses for our longer trips north, helping the players out and meaning they can travel as a team and not individually which is great for team morale.

“A sponsorship like this to a club our size is so beneficial to both our club and the community that supports us.”

William Young, Business Support & Primary Processing Director at Cooke Scotland, was presented with a match shirt by the club in celebration of the partnership at its opening game of the 2024 season, 2 March.

He said: “As a family-owned company we are committed to building stronger communities and we are pleased the funding will go towards developing the Col-Glen team on and off the pitch as well as supporting members of the local community which also use the club’s facilities.”