Cooke Aquaculture Scotland Launches its new Catamaran

Cooke’s brand new catamaran, the VAILA MARIE was launched recently at Scalloway, Shetland. The
14m x 7m vessel was built at Malakoff’s new boatbuilding facility in Lerwick, with a “sister” vessel
currently under construction.

The Vaila Marie will be operating on our Walls and Aith sites and will be used for general farm
duties, along with heavier mooring work.

David Brown, Shetland Seasite Manager,said “We are delighted to launch the Vaila Marie today. She
has been designed and built to a very high standard. It is very pleasing that the work has been done
in Shetland by a local company, and we thank Malakoff for all of their efforts throughout the
building project. We are very happy with the boat and they should proud of the result”

The boat was designed in house under the guidance of project manager Ryan Stevenson. It was
based on some of the other boats that Malakoff had designed, but is bigger and has a larger capacity
crane, more suited to the heavy mooring work it will be engaged in.

David’s four year old daughter, who inspired the boat’s name was on hand to cut the ribbon at the
launch ceremony.

The boat is pictured here complete with Shetland and Canadian flags in honour of Cooke
Aquaculture’s roots.