Case Study:

Papdale Primary School

After the loss of learning time during the Covid-19 crisis, Papdale Primary School, in Kirkwall, wanted to roll out a new programme of teaching reading and phonics to its 190 P1-P3 pupils, helping them make up for the time lost at such a crucial stage of their education.

The school and the parent council had paid for some of the new books needed for the new scheme but needed a further £6,000 to pay for enough books for every child – they needed 24 copies of each book and could only fund ten.

Aware that some of our staff have children at the school, Head Teacher Wendy Bowen approached us for help, explaining the situation and their desire to further promote reading in school.

Agreeing with Wendy how important and urgent this project was, we said yes, donating the full £6,000 she had asked for.  “ Thanks to Cooke’s quick response to our request for support, we’ve been able to buy 2,432 additional books for the new phonics scheme at Papdale. As a result, all our P1-P3 children will now have the reading materials they need to make up for lost learning time.”